Athens Ga Bicycling

Welcome to the premier bicycling community in the United States!*


Our two basic goals:  

  • To post an up-to-date, comprehensive cycling calendar, listing group bicycle rides in the Athens, Georgia bicycling area.
  • To schedule and facilitate, fun group bike rides in the Athens, Georgia bicycling area


Join us on a ride for fitness, fun & to be part of the premier bicycling community in the United States!

To promote group bicycle rides.

All participants are asked to make regular riders, new group riders or visitors feel welcome to any group bicycle ride.
To encourage participants to express their views in connection with the Athens bicycling community.
To increase the awareness of the need for a safe bicycling environment and promote the practice of safe bicycling techniques.
To support the establishment and maintenance of bicycling lanes, trails, traffic regulations and other measures affecting bicycling, but not to support or oppose any political candidate.
To promote and protect the rights of bicyclists.


* Based on the number of evening group rides offered for complete information: *Research Results